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I have to automate a case in which I have to download an excel file using selenium ide.I have done this in firefox by using custom profile feature which automatically download file and save it into a user defined folder. To do the same in Internet explorer, is there any thing in IE like custom profile and preferences? how do I prompt IE to automatically download a file..I am using java for automation..Kindly help..

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No, you can't do it easily in IE, there's no profile to configure.

That said, you can try:

  • downloading the file directly using this (or any other similar WebDriver-friendly tool), if you can. That will totally cut IE out of the process.
  • see How to download and save a file from internet using Java about the same thing, just generic Java and not WebDriver.
  • if everything fails, you can try blindly pressing Enter after clicking the download, Robot helps with this. But you can't really specify the folder.
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