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I'm trying to get all downloads from an repo on github with help of https://github.com/ornicar/php-github-api

There is no download Object in this project, so i've created my own:

class Github_Api_Download extends Github_Api{

public function getDownloads($repo, $username){
     $string =  'repos/'.urlencode($username).'/'.urlencode($repo).'/downloads';
     $response = $this->get($string);

    return $response;


When i run this, i'm getting only

Server Error HTTP 401: Unauthorized

  1. it should be possible to get this without authentication too, because if i use the url in the browser, it's working
  2. my authentication is working, because all the actions (e.g. create new repo,etc..) are working fine

Anybody can help me?:)

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I was looking for this earlier, so I wrote my own little function and posted it on my blog. Hope this helps.

Check this out

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