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hg update develop --clean
remote: conq: repository does not exist.
abort: no suitable response from remote hg!

I would like to be able to switch to my develop branch, to undo my last 2 commits and merge the develop branch with tip or close it!


just close and rename the branch, but since I can not update to it I don't know what to do. I would like to: overwrite branch x with branch y:

hg update x
hg commit --close-branch -m 'closing branch x, will be overwriten with branch y'
hg update y
hg branch -f x
hg ci

but i can't update to x. How to fix/force this?

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I used the MQ extension:

hg qinit
hg qimport -r 4:tip
hg qpop -a
hg qdelete 4.diff
hg qpush -a
hg qfinish -a

That worked but after a pull the removed stuff was back in..

But, I just created a new Branch one from tip using -f with the same name. that works good enough for me. Can't remove the 'wrong' branch it since it is 'out of the bottle' published.

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