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Think my query was clear from the title itself. How can I link url strings with href attributes while rendering in ejs templates? Do any helpers exist for this task? I thought of converting urls to strings right along with their href attributes and then send them to templates but I guess they will then be escaped while rendering.

Even though I am using ejs for views..I wanna change the template engine if any other has this linking facility.


suppose this is the render function

return res.render("polo", {
                    title: "Posters",

and here is the view

<% for (var i=0;i<posters.length;i++) { %>

                <div id="<%=posters[i]._id %>" class="newstitle">

                <%=posters[i].body %>

<% }; %>

Now if posters[1].body="Hello this is a good site. www.google.com" .Similarly every other element in poster array is some text which contains some urls. when posters[i].body is rendered i want the urls like "google.com" in above example to be linked. I cant use <%= url %> because I dont know where exactly the url is inside poster.body.

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If you want to output to an href attribute without escaping, then, you can use <a href="<%- yourvar %>">the link.</a> and it won't escape.

(Note, the use of the hyphen instead of the equal sign.)


OP asked how to only display the link when the url is defined.

<% if (typeof yourvar != 'undefined' && yourvar !== null) { %>
  <a href="<%- yourvar %>">the link</a>
<% } %>
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suppose i have a text which may or may not contain a url then I cant apply this method since I dont know beforehand where the url is there in the text's body. How should I do it then? –  Kamal Reddy May 23 '12 at 14:21
Let me get this straight: you don't want to show any links, whatsoever, whenever there the text's body is not defined? –  Salehen Rahman May 23 '12 at 16:21
@KamalReddy, I have made an update to the answer. I hope it answers your question. –  Salehen Rahman May 23 '12 at 16:26
Please look at the update I have made to the question. I think I have made the question clear this time. –  Kamal Reddy May 23 '12 at 16:37

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