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Im currently having a redis data set with key representing ids and values as a json . I need to add a new entity in the json for every userid(keys). Is there any existing opensource tool? what is the way i should proceed to update for 1M keys of data.

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There are a few possibilities:

  1. Here's some pseudo code for doing this with Redis 2.6 Lua scripting.

    for userid in users:
        EVAL 'local obj = cjson.decode("GET", KEY[1])); obj.subobj.newjsonkey = ARGV[1];"SET", KEY[1], cjson.encode(obj));' 1 userid "new value!"
  2. Short of that, you may need to stop the service and do this with GETs and SETs since you probably don't have a locking mechanism in place. If you can enforce a lock, see

  3. There are a few tools for updating an rdb.

Note, this answer was adapted to my answer to: Working with nested objects in Redis?

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