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i have downloaded the zip file of amazon auto scaling command line tools from this link:


after having unziped it,and renamed it AWS (C:\AWS)

i have installed java and created a bat file following the read me instructions below(README file):

**Auto Scaling Command Line Tools


  1. Ensure that JAVA version 1.5 or higher is installed on your system: (java -version)
  2. Unzip the deployment zip file
  3. Set the following environment variables: 3.1 AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME - The directory where the deployment files were copied to check with: Unix: ls ${AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME}/bin should list as-create-auto-scaling-group ...) Windows: dir "%AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME%\bin" should list as-create-auto-scaling-group ...) 3.2 JAVA_HOME - Java Installation home directory
  4. Add ${AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME}/bin (in Windows: "%AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME%\bin") to your path


Provide the command line tool with your AWS user credentials. There are two ways you can provide credentails: AWS keys, or using X.509 certificates.

Using AWS Keys

  1. Create a credential file: The deployment includes a template file ${AWS_AUTO_SCALING_HOME}/credential-file-path.template. Edit a copy of this file to add your information. On UNIX, limit permissions to the owner of the credential file: $ chmod 600 .
  2. There are several ways to provide your credential information: a. Set the following environment variable: AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE= b. Alternatively, provide the following option with every command --aws-credential-file c. Explicitly specify credentials on the command line: --I ACCESS_KEY --S SECRET_KEY

Using X.509 Certs

  1. Save your cetificate and private keys to files: e.g. my-cert.pem and my-pk.pem.
  2. There are two ways to provide the certificate information to the command line tool a. Set the following environment variables: EC2_CERT=/path/to/cert/file EC2_PRIVATE_KEY=/path/to/key/file b. Specify the files directly on command-line for every command --ec2-cert-file-path=/path/to/cert/file --ec2-private-key-file-path=/path/to/key/file


  3. To check that your setup works properly, run the following command: $ as-cmd --help You should see the usage page for all Auto Scaling commands $ as-describe-auto-scaling-groups --headers You should see a header line. If you have auto scaling groups already configured, you will see a description line for each auto scaling group**

My bat file looks like:

 REM Path should have bin\java.exe under it
 set JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\Java\jre7"
 REM Path to Primary Key and Certificate retrieved from AWS 
 set EC2_PRIVATE_KEY="C:\AWS\pv_pk.pem"
 set EC2_CERT="C:\AWS\cert-pk.pem"

after executing my the bat file ,i try to execute the command ec2_describe_groups it's not recognized.What's wrong with my bat file.

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the command is "ec2-describe-group" not "ec2_describe_groups" please see the documentation here http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/CommandLineReference/ApiReference-cmd-DescribeSecurityGroups.html

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