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hi i am a new guy to windows phone7 and SO too. Here i have pivot control as root and i am trying to navigate to another page using the service uri.

Following is the piece of code which i am using to navigate from pivot to another view

And then i created the another page called page1.xaml

In the mainpage.cs i write the code like:

PivotItem p = new PivotItem();
            p.Header = "Home";
            p.Content = new page1(); 

so here the pivot application has its content as page1

my problem is: if create the button in page1 for navigate to another page called page2.

NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/Page2.xaml",UriKind.Relative));

But when i try to navigate the app get crashed and i got the error log as follows (this error from listbox seleciton changed)

 System.NullReferenceException at activity name(Object Sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) at 
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It looks like you've got some code which is doing something when a selection changes that is being triggered when you navigate away from the first (pivot) page.

As it's coming from System.Windows.Controls.Prmitive.Selector I'm going to guess that you have some code for the pivot item selecction change that is the culprit. Possibly that as you navigate away there isn't a selection any more and you assume that there will always be one.

As a newbie, see also http://tinyurl.com/so-hints

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