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I just submitting a update version of my app in App Hub.

But what confused me a lot is that all the steps for updating is as same as when I submit a new app.

So I just don't know where to write down the update infomation.

I check the MSDN but found no answer with this, so,er,need help -_-

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In the Description. What I do is add an extra Text as:

Ver 1.x (This Version)

  • Added this feature
  • Added this feature
  • Modified this feature
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but it will appear in the description section which doesn't mean to fit this content,right? So Is this just a compromise since there is no place to write down the update infomation? :( –  Albert Gao May 23 '12 at 12:59
You will have enough space. –  Rajeev Nair Jun 6 '12 at 12:37

You need to add it in your app description. Just do something like

Your original description about the app

=== Updates 23rd May 2012 ===
 - live tile feature added
 - email and sms alerts even when app closed added
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