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i am trying to record coded ui for WPF application. my goal ls to click on button (Mybutton).

Problem - in the application there is another control which in not visible and it lays on top of my button. Each time i'm clicking myButton - the code which the CUIT generates is for the blockingControl

i have the app code - but have no permissions to change the xaml (i can add my own implementation such "onCrerationAutomationPeer" )

Is there a way to write a plug in which will know to recognize that the BlockingCcontrol is not visible - and will not choose it?

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Have you tried something along the lines of Mouse.Click(BlockingControl.Rectangle.X,BlockingControl.Rectangle.Y)? This would send a mouse click to the top left corner of the blocking control. I am assuming they overlay pretty well. –  stoj May 24 '12 at 15:45

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Actually i have figure out that if i will implement: onCrerationAutomationPeer to return null the blocking control will be ignored it works for me

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In WPF you can also ask if the button is enabled. if(button.GetProperty("Enabled").Equals(true))...

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