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I want to control the zoom in OpenLayers.

When the zoom is 3 I want to load KML1 and when the zoom is 4 i want to load KML2.

Could you please advise me how I can control the zoom-event?

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a way to accomplish that is to register an event on event "zoomend" on your map with something like

map.events.register(type, obj, listener);

You can find more info there: http://dev.openlayers.org/releases/OpenLayers-2.11/doc/apidocs/files/OpenLayers/Map-js.html

Maybe you should also load both of your kml and then hide / show the correct layer depend on the zoom level.

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I want that every change of the zoom to do something.Th event that I inserted is zoom_changed but it is not working.maybe you have the list of all the events –  user1365697 May 24 '12 at 6:44

As j_freyre mentioned you should register a function, which changes the visibility of your KML-layers, to the "zoomend"-event. In your case it has to look like this:

map.events.register("zoomend", map, zoomChanged);

  zoom = map.getZoom();
  if (zoom == 3)
    kml1.setVisibility (true);
    kml2.setVisibility (false);
  else if (zoom == 4)
    kml1.setVisibility (false);
    kml2.setVisibility (true);
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It's more efficient to store the getZoom value in a variable like zoom = map.getZoom(); and then check it out on the if statements like if (zoom == 3). In this way you're avoiding to call getZoom each time. –  Mahdi Apr 11 '13 at 9:02
I fully agree with you and edit my answer. –  ischas Apr 11 '13 at 17:26

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