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Hi all I have a problem I am using WPF WebBrowser control in application, and I need to disable shortkeys of IE, for example Ctrl+N etc Is there a way to resolve this problem? Help me please.

Thanks in advance

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On the winforms WebBrowser you can also handle the PreviewKeyDown event and set IsInputKey = true. This gives you better control over which shortcuts to disable. For example you only want to disable ctrl n and ctrl o but leave ctrl f and copy/paste.

    void browser_PreviewKeyDown(object sender, PreviewKeyDownEventArgs e)
        if ((e.KeyCode == Keys.N || e.KeyCode == Keys.O) && e.Control)
            e.IsInputKey = true;

PreviewKeyDown even does exist on the WPF version, but I have not tried the equivalent code. I changed to hosting the winforms webbrowser in WPF since the WPF version was lacking in functionality.

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the same ,use e.Handled = true; – GeminiYellow Jul 31 '13 at 0:34

Setting the WebBrowserShortcutsEnabled property of the WebBrowser control to false should accomplish what you're trying to do.

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Thanks for answer it is OK for WinForms control but I am using WPF control – Serghei May 23 '12 at 14:02
you can use the keydown event of webbrowser to wrap the keys. – JSJ May 23 '12 at 14:18

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