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I have just a simple question, but I could not found any answer.

My ruby on rails 3.2.2 appilcation have a JSON API with a devise session authentication.

My question is: How can I test this API with functional or integration tests - and is there a way to handle a session?

I do not have a front end, just a API that I can do GET. POST. PUT. and DELETE with JSON Body.

Which is the best way to test this automated?

EXAMPLE create new user


    "email" : "",
    "password " : "mypass"
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It is easy to do with functional tests. In a user example I would put them in spec/controllers/users_controller_spec.rb in Rspec:

 require 'spec_helper'

 describe UsersController do
   render_views # if you have RABL views

   before do
     @user_attributes = { email: "", password: "mypass" }

   describe "POST to create" do

     it "should change the number of users" do
        lambda do
          post :create, user: @user_attributes
        end.should change(User, :count).by(1)

     it "should be successful" do
       post :create, user: @user_attributes
       response.should be_success

     it "should set @user" do
       post :create, user: @user_attributes
       assigns(:user).email.should == @user_attributes[:email]

     it "should return created user in json" do # depend on what you return in action
       post :create, user: @user_attributes
       body = JSON.parse(response.body)
       body["email"].should == @user_attributes[:email]

Obviously, you can optimize specs above, but this should get you started. Cheers.

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Why you recommended me to use rspec? What is rspec and what is the difference rspec and normal tests. – lailo May 23 '12 at 14:41
What do you mean by "normal tests"? I just like Rspec for convenient DSL and the verity of helper methods. What are you currently using? – Simon Bagreev May 23 '12 at 14:58

Have a look at Anthony Eden's talk "Build and Test APIs with Ruby and Cucumber"

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You can user Cucumber(BDD) to test such cases, for example:

Feature: Successful login
  In order to login
  As a user 
  I want to use my super API

  Scenario: List user
    Given the system knows about the following user:
      | email            | username |
      | | blabla   |
    When the user requests POST /users
    Then the response should be JSON:
      {"email": "", "username": "blabla"}

then, you just need to write your steps, where pickle gem 'd be very useful

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