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i am using wsimport to import the wsdl File from a server. Here is the command I am using:

X:>wsimport -keep -verbose http://xxxxxxxxxx

parsing WSDL...

[ERROR] Schema descriptor {http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in message part "in" is not defined and could not be bound to Java. Perhaps the schema descriptor is not defined in the schema imported/included in the WSDL. You can either a
dd such imports/includes or run wsimport and provide the schema location using -
b switch.

How can I import the wsdl Files?

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The message is telling you that wsimport cannot access the type definition for the element related to the 'in' message part...presumably the request. Although you could not (unless a very lenient web service) construct the request without the type definition, you could mock a request definition just to get the method stubs processed. If you provided the actual fully-qualified name which is missing (according to the error), a responder could provide the required schema type to act as a mock request. –  dcbyers May 25 '12 at 0:51

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>%AS_HOME%/bin/wsimport  -keep -d  ./build     -p  com.sample.hello   http://localhost:8080/HelloSvr/HelloService?wsdl
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