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How can I tell automake to install arbitrary data files in places I want?

I have some files I need to put in specific places, e.g. "datafile1", in my project, needs to be copied to "/usr/MyProduct/flash_memory".

  • "/usr/MyProduct/flash_memory" is an absolute path that I can't change.
  • "datafile1" is a binary data file that is not "built" by make, but just needs to be copied by make install.
  • I can't bear on make dist. It needs to be copied by make install (its a long explanation, so, pelase just take this into account).
  • I rather not use install-hook, but prefer to have a more elegant approach (if possible).

Really thanks!

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Do not use full paths in your Makefile.am. Ever. You can tell automake to put the datafile1 in $(datadir) which will expand to $(prefix)/share/MyProduct, or you can define flash_DIR to expand to $(prefix)/MyProduct/flash_memory and put the files there, but the end user must be allowed to set $(prefix) either to /usr or to something else. What you want to do in Makefile.am is:

flashdir = $(prefix)/$(PACKAGE)/flash_memory
flash_DATA = datafile1

(It would probably be more appropriate to use $(prefix)/@PACKAGE@/flash_memory, since PACKAGE probably should not be modifiable at make time, but I don't think this is terribly important.)

Then, when you are a user, run make install with prefix set to /usr. If you try to use an absolute path in the Makefile.am, it will disallow staged installations (ie setting DESTDIR), will restrict user flexibility, and is the wrong thing to do. The main point is that the package maintainer does not get to choose the final location; that is a decision for the user.

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As I sayd before, "/usr/MyProduct/flash_memory" is an absolute path that I can't change. Its not my choice. Ignoring that, I tried "confdir=... conf_DATA=datafile1" but it didn't work. Any hint? Thanks –  fljx May 23 '12 at 14:44
@fljx When you say "I cannot change", do you mean "I" as the user installing the package, or do you mean "I" when you are the package maintainer. If the former, my answer works. If you mean the latter, then stop using automake; you are abusing the tool. –  William Pursell May 23 '12 at 14:48
I mean "I, the worker that obeys my boss". Anyway, I changed confdir to "confdir = $(prefix)/usr/awmg/flash/" and it works. The absolute path does not. I just want to understand why, now... Thanks again! –  fljx May 23 '12 at 14:53
you should always respect $(prefix) and $(DESTDIR). it makes packaging so much easier (e.g. someone wants to create debian/ubuntu packages one day...) and the default will (basically) satisfy your boss. just create a wrapper scripts that runs configure with "--prefix=/usr" and tell them that this is the way to configure your program rather than calling configure directly –  umläute Jun 5 '12 at 12:31
@umlaeute - Thank you for pointing that out, but DESTDIR should not be prepended to flashdir since automake prepends DESTDIR in the install-flashDATA rule. Is there something in my solution that requires a DESTDIR to be prepended? –  William Pursell Jun 5 '12 at 12:39

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