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Here is the configuration I have: 3 PCs : PC-1, PC-2, PC-3

Here is what I did initially: Set up a SOCKS proxy on PC-1 forwarded to PC-2 using ssh:

PC-1$ ssh -ND 1080 PC-2

I configured the browser to use and everything works. Now I want to forward all the connections to PC-3 via PC-2. So, something like:

PC-1$ ssh -ND 1080 PC-2
PC-2$ ssh -ND 1080 PC-3

How can I do this?

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Create the SOCKS proxy on PC-2 and forward the port to PC-1 as follows:

PC-2$ ssh -ND 1080 PC-3
PC-1$ ssh -NL 1080:localhost:1080 PC-2

Configure the browser on PC-1 to use

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