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I'm using google charts API (google Chart Tools) to draw two charts (a line chart and a barchart) in two separate div called "divChartG" and "divChartD" (respectively for left and right)

I have an error occurring in my console on Firebug (Firefox 12.0) telling "Container is not defined" in format.js (a javascript file from google, directly.)

So, i've checked forums, helps and else, and everybody said "Don't have two divs with the same id" or "Hey, you missed to tell your div to have your id!"

in my javascript file, var firstDiv = "divChartG" and var secdDiv= "divChartD". Then i draw my chart and tell to find and place with a

document.getElementbyId(firstDiv)  //(or secdDiv)

When i do


it totally works! so i don't understand at all... and that's really frustrating, because i know it will work!

thanks by advance for the help or the reflexion you could bring to me! :)

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HTML/JS samples, or a demo with jsfiddle.net, would make it easier to try and help. What does the alert actually tell you? –  cchana May 24 '12 at 8:27
well, i tried jsfiddle.net, but i have a problem : i code with Zend with MVC, and can not use the model (i have a lot of little code's fragments everywhere with the database definition and else), so i can't do it with jsfiddle. I just send you the javascript and html code, but it will not run : link i tried to do a different alert to test if my divs exists: alert($('#'+premDiv).length); alert($('#'+deuzDiv).length); the alert send me "1" for each div, so it means that each div exists. –  Gaelle May 24 '12 at 8:57
hey! so, i did not know WHY it made me this error, and except every solution i found on forums (like "don't have two divs with the same id" or "make sure your div is created"), i did not find the solution for this special case. But i replaced all my script by a copy/paste from another one which works... So, my issue is fixed, but if you have any idea on why this came out and how to fix it, i'm sure everyone else would like to know! :) –  Gaelle May 24 '12 at 16:20
Same problem here. I'm pretty sure IDs are not duplicated and no other obvious bugs... But, the second Table always remind me "Container is not defined". I can trace back to "format+en,default,table.I.js": Q.draw=function(a,b){this.Pa||d(t("Container is not defined")); ......} Quite frustrating... –  Yuki Jun 30 '13 at 4:22

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