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I am very new guy in Rhomobile and I want to login a webservice using Rhoconnect can anyone help me how to implement this.

I've tried with in Settings Controler:

 def do_login
     if @params['username'] and @params['password']
         SyncEngine.login(@params['username'], @params['password'], (url_for :action => :login_callback) )
         @response['headers']['Wait-Page'] = 'true'
         redirect :action => :index
       rescue Rho::RhoError => e
         @msg = e.message
         render :action => :login
       @msg = Rho::RhoError.err_message(Rho::RhoError::ERR_UNATHORIZED) unless @msg && @msg.length > 0
       render :action => :login

Where SyncEngine.login(@params['username'], @params['password']) call the sourecadapter method login; where I'm calling

 def login(username, password)
      user_info = {:username => username, :password => password }
      response = RestClient.get(@base+@params['username']+@params['password'])
      result = => "my-webservice" ) 
      render :action => :index 

I've tried in:

 class Application < Rhoconnect::Base
   class << self
     def authenticate(username,password,session)
       result = => "mywebservice" )
       true # do some interesting authentication here...

But I got nothing.. plz give some idea me; how to solve this

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SyncEngine.login call from Rhodes app will call authenticate(username, password, session) method in application.rb of your RhoConnect app. Then, you can code the authenticate method to call your implementation of user authentication as follows:

def authenticate(username, password, session)
    # for example
    resp = => "mywebservice", :login => {:username => username, :password => password})

    #parse resp as needed and return the result either true or false
    # i.e. status contains value true or false in the response body 
    result = JSON.parse(resp.body)['status']

Hope that helps.

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