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My data set looks like this: x:

Date       variable     value
1/1/2012   A             10
1/1/2012   B             10
1/1/2012   C             10
1/1/2012   D             10
1/2/2012   A             10
1/2/2012   B             10
1/2/2012   C             10
1/2/2012   D             10
1/3/2012   A             10
1/3/2012   B             10
1/3/2012   C             10
1/3/2012   D             10

I am doing this:

rhg_cols1<- c("#000000","#F8766D","#7CAE00","#00BFC4","#C77CFF" ) 
ggplot(x, aes(Date, value, fill = variable, colour=variable)) +     geom_point()+     scale_fill_manual(values = rhg_cols1)

I am still seeing the default color. Can anybody tell me what is wrong? Better yet, rather than giving the specific colors as in rhg_cols1, I like to say low=red, high=black.

any input is very appreciated.

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You want to use

+ scale_colour_manual(values=rhg_cols1)

To set low and high colors you can use the scale_XXXX_gradient() function.

+ scale_colour_gradient(low="#000000", high="#C77CFF")

An example using scale_XXXX_gradient is here.

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I will accept this answer but this was not really what I was looking for. I want to be able to pick the low and high colors rather than specifically stating all the colors. –  Sean Kaplan May 23 '12 at 15:35
@SeanKaplan I added another example. Does that help? –  Erik Shilts May 23 '12 at 16:38

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