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I've installed eclipse gradle plugin from here


Is there a simple way to import into eclipse gradle project using gui, not doing stuff

described here: http://gradle.org/docs/current/userguide/eclipse_plugin.html


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Usually it is a simple as adding apply plugin: "eclipse" in your build.gradle and running

cd myProject/
gradle eclipse

and then refreshing your Eclipse project.

Occasionally you'll need to adjust build.gradle to generate Eclipse settings in some very specific way.

There is gradle support for Eclipse if you are using STS, but I'm not sure how good it is.

The only IDE I know that has decent native support for gradle is IntelliJ IDEA. It can do full import of gradle projects from GUI. There is a free Community Edition that you can try.

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Take in account that the question explicitly says that don't want to use the gradle eclipse plugin, i.e. generating an Eclipse project from gradle. The second part of your reply applies. –  Alejandro Dobniewski Aug 20 '14 at 14:23

The simpliest way is to use sts gradle integration and import project


Don't forget to click "Build Model" button.

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I have gone through this question earlier but did not found complete gui based solution.Today I got a GUI based solution provided by spring.

In short we need to do only that much:

1.Install plugin in eclipse from update site: site link

2.Import project as gradle and browse the .gradle file..that's it.

Complete documentation is here

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Open eclipse and right click in the package explorer → import Select gradle Browse to the location where you checked out Click “Build Model” Select all the projects and hit finish

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Add the following to your build.gradle

apply plugin: 'eclipse'

and browse to the project directory

gradle eclipse
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