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I'm using struts 2 & validation annotations. I need to validate a field which is required if another is true or false. I was using @RequiredStringValidator but I realized this annotation doesn't have the expression property.

    @Validations(requiredStrings =
{@RequiredStringValidator(type = ValidatorType.SIMPLE, fieldName = "username", message = "El Usuario es requerido",key="security.admin.user.username.required"),
 @RequiredStringValidator( type = ValidatorType.SIMPLE, fieldName = "password", message = "El Password es requerido",key="security.admin.user.password.required")}...

The field to validate is "password" but it's only required if "autoGeneratePassword" field is false.


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For validations requiring expression evaluation don't use Simple RequiredStringValidation instead you can use FieldExpressionValidator or ExpressionValidator

One way of using it:

@FieldExpressionValidator(fieldName="password",key="security.admin.user.password.required",message="El Password es requerido",expression="checkAutoPassword()")

private boolean checkAutoPassword(){
  return false;

You can use OGNL expression to do the same.

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