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In this interesting webinar:


the speaker talks about the __ANDROID__ symbol (and others symbols more specific to each OS version) that could help a developer write a cleaner cross-platform code.

I've created a project with MonoDevelop 2.8 (under MacOS X) and the symbol seems not to be defined inside the project.

Investigating this issue, I've noticed that defining symbols (using project properties panel) not always work in MonoDevelop and they often create weird things with color coding.

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This is a glitch in the current MonoDevelop environment. __ANDROID__ is defined in low-level build process and not csproj. So code will compile OK, but the editor will be very confused.

I've created a bug/enhancement request with Xamarin as this can trip up newbs (it did me!).

This thread in the monodroid mailing list has more information.

Since I have unique csproj files for each platform -- even for shared code -- I just create my own symbol to get around this. In MonoDevelop: project properties, Build->Compiler, Define Symbols.

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