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I've been following the exercises in the Ruby-on-Rails tutorial by M. Hartl. I have completed all the exercises in chapter 4 but am stuck on this one:

Create three hashes called person1, person2, and person3, with first and last names under the keys :first and :last. Then create a params hash so that params[:father] is person1, params[:mother] is person2, and params[:child] is person3. Verify that, for example, params[:father][:first] has the right value.

Can anyone suggest how to approach this problem? I don't want to proceed to next chapter until I have solved this.

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person1 = {:first => 'Al',    :last => 'Bundy'}
person2 = {:first => 'Peggy', :last => 'Bundy'}
person3 = {:first => 'Kelly', :last => 'Bundy'}
params = {
 :father => person1,
 :mother => person2,
 :child  => person3
params[:father][:first] #=> 'Al'
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cheers man, cant give you rep yet –  Avdept May 23 '12 at 15:30

Here is another way to set up the params Hash. I found it felt more familiar coming from a javascript background:

person1 = {first: "Papa", last: "Bear"}
person2 = {first: "Mama", last: "Bear"}
person3 = {first: "Baby", last: "Bear"}
params = {father: person1, mother: person2, child: person3}
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