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I have a question-answer system. A question has 4 choices and 1 answer(there is no correct answer, it is just user's answer). So how should I make the relationship between these 3 tables? Is it correct what I did below? It is like something is missing in Question table as I have 4 choices(how will I insert them?)

Question Table: QuestionId, QuestionText
Choice Table: ChoiceId, ChoiceText, QuestionId
Answer Table: AnswerId, ChoiceId, QuestionId, UserId

Thank you in advance. This is my first question in stackoverflow :)

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Since ChoiceId already identified a QuestionId, then you could get rid of QuestionId in Answer table if you want full normalization in your data.

I would use the following structure though:

create table questions (
    question_id number primary key,
    question_text text
create table questions_choices (
    question_id number references questions(question_id),
    choice_number number,
    choice_text text,
    primary key(question_id, choice_number)
create table answers (
    answer_id number primary key,
    user_id number references users(user_id),
    question_id number,
    choice_number number,
    foreign key (question_id, choice_number) references questions_choices(question_id, choice_number)

Which is similar to what you have but without a surrogate key on questions_choices table.

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