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can anybody please tell me if there is any API or some other way i can use

 void wait_on_page_bit(struct page *page, int bit_nr)

As of now the wait_on_page_bit() expects the nr_bit to be set and makes the thread sleep, it wakes up the thread when the bit i.e bit_nr is cleared.

In my case the bit it PG_Uptodate bit. It is cleared by default and i need to sleep my thread tell it is set, and thread should wake up.

Thanks, Kapil

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On the assumption that PG_Uptodate is set within the locked page you can do the following:

do {
} while (PageUptodate(page);
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thanks. but in my case PG_Uptodate is unset, so assumption is not true. Anyways i used wait_event_interrupt() and wake_up to do it. – Kapil May 26 '12 at 12:43

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