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Is there a way to generate the sql statement for tables in sql server compact ? same as for sql server express+ ?

Essentially a create table( .... ) statement as output ?

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There is a project on Codeplex that someone has actually built the functionality to be able to do scripting for sql server compact edition databases.

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There is a tool to do this. Check out This will iterate the entire SQL server, and write all the table, view, stored procedure and UDF scripts to a local drive. Great for adding SQL schema or DDL to source control.

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You can connect to SQL Server Compact Edition using SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS), which in turn allows you to script out all database objects.

Please refer to: Managing SQL Server Compact Edition with SQL Server Management Studio

and then also, How to: Generate a Script

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Script generation (and many other features) are hidden/disabled when you open a .sdf file (SQL Server CE) in SSMS. – Markus Jarderot Nov 23 '11 at 16:34

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