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I want to check the value in a dropdown list. The list is preconfigured to hold a yes or a no.

At the moment, I am using a check box, that looks like this:

If chkboxOne.Value = vbChecked And (LenB(txtDetailsRefNo.Text) = 0) Then
    If vblnShowErrors Then Err.Raise 10000, VALIDATION, "A Default Reference Number must be entered."
    blnDataFail = True
  End If  

Can I simply change chkboxOne to "cboboxOne" by swapping the checkbox for a combobox on the form, and replacing "vbChecked" with True? I'm not sure how similar their functionality is syntax wise.


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To get the item in a combobox you can examine the listindex to see whats selected (there is no value property)

cboboxOne.AddItem "yes"    '//listindex is 0
cboboxOne.AddItem "no"     '//listindex is 1
cboboxOne.AddItem "maybe"  '//listindex is 2

if (cboboxOne.ListIndex = 0) Then '// yes selected

You can also examine the selected text:

if (cboboxOne.List(cboboxOne.ListIndex) = "yes") Then '// yes selected

You can also test against custom integers using ItemData

cboboxOne.AddItem "yes"
cboboxOne.ItemData(cboboxOne.NewIndex) = 42
cboboxOne.AddItem "no" 
cboboxOne.ItemData(cboboxOne.NewIndex) = &HBEEF

if (cboboxOne.ItemData(cboboxOne.ListIndex) = 42) Then '// yes selected
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Awesome, did the trick! Thanks. :) –  GrumP May 23 '12 at 16:55
Make sure that something is actually selected before those last two, If it's empty, ListIndex will be -1 and .ItemData() and .List() will fail. –  Deanna May 24 '12 at 9:02

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