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One of my database tables has a lot of records with a column containing xml data stored as a string. What is the best way of retrieve this data and parse the string to get specific information which i wish to bind to my UI. Currently I am doing this -

The data column of my Customer table has the xml data stored as a string

List<string> myData = new List<string>();
//populate the list with the data from the customer table
List<XElement> myXmlData = new List<XElement>();
foreach (var item in myData)
      XElement xmlItem = XElement.Parse(item);

this.DataContext = myXmlData;

I am then using a data template to bind to the xml data that i require using the following

<TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=Element[Name].Value}"/>

This works corrcctly but I am not sure if it's the right way of doing things. Performance is a concern so would doing this in any other way improve performance ?

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google XML Data Binding in WPF –  JSJ May 23 '12 at 16:35

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You say that performance is a concern - but have you measured it? Is it a problem? This should be your first line of attack.

In terms of the code - I'd use LINQ more thoroughly:

List<XElement> myXmlData = myData.Select(XElement.Parse).ToList();
this.DataContext = myXmlData;

If the method group conversion doesn't work (the rules are subtle and I can't test it easily right now) you can use a lambda expression:

List<XElement> myXmlData = myData.Select(x => XElement.Parse(x)).ToList();
this.DataContext = myXmlData;

Note that if your "populate the list" involves LINQ, you may well be able to do the whole thing in one go - e.g.

this.DataContext = dbContext.Customers
                            .Select(c => c.CustomerXml)
                            .AsEnumerable() // Out of LINQ to SQL or whatever
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Depending on the specific information you need from the XML data (it's not clear from your question whether the XML is actually stored as a string or whether that is what your aim is?), have you considered de-serialising it into objects and then extracting the relevant data from there?

XSD is a great .NET tool that can help with this by automatically creating the classes for you. There is some information at http://www.cricketmx.com/articles/read/using-xsd-to-assist-in-xml-deserialisation-to-objects-in-c-sharp/

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