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In this screenshot, a JSON array is being passed to PHP via AJAX without a POST body. I am using this code to implement it:

with(x=new XMLHttpRequest()) open("POST", "http://myweb/api/mobile/v1/jobeventadd?key=cfff"), setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"), send("%7B%0A%22SessionID%22%3A%22hn0oqa0u687avsrnev6f5t2nh7%22%2C%0A%22ObjectID%22%3A%226460%22%2C%0A%22ItemName%22%3A%22UologiciPhone%20test%20event%22%2C%0A%22ActivityFrom%22%3A%2201-01-2013%2012%3A00%3A00%22%0A%7D");

But it's not working. How can I do it via XMLHttpRequest? No JQUERY PLEASE

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Use the onreadystatechange property to get the response after the success state, and then store the data in a custom header to troubleshoot issues with the POST body:

with(new XMLHttpRequest)
  setRequestHeader("Foo", "Bar");
  onreadystatechange = handler;

function handler(event)
 !!event.target && !!event.target.readyState && event.target.readyState === 4 && ( console.log(event) );
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It was same as GET

with(new XMLHttpRequest)
  onreadystatechange = function(){};
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