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I have a JSON object on client side that I want to get back on server side.
To do so, I have a hidden in which I put the stringified version of my object.


Then, on server side, I try to deserialize it with JavaScriptSerializer.

My Problem : the stringified object contains a date and I can't parse it with de JavaScriptSerializer.
What I have done : Modify the date format to make it fit with the .Net format :

function FormatDate(date) {
    if (typeof (date.getTime) != "undefined") {
        return '\\/Date(' + date.getTime() + ')\\/'

    return date;

Which seems to give a good format, but, when I use JSON.stringify on the object with the well formatted dates, it adds an extra backslash, so the JavaScriptSerializer still can't get it.

Any idea on how I could get it in a valid format in the hidden?

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Can you use unix timestamps? –  tjameson Nov 16 '12 at 8:01

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I had the same Problem and

'\/Date(' + date.getTime() + ')\/';

works for me. You just have a double backslash instead of only one backslash.

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I use the code below to fix the data after serializing.

var data = JSON.stringify(object);
data = data.replace(/\\\\/g, "\\");
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