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I am presenting data output from MySQL on my website based on what city they belong to. So two of my tables are called login_users and city_selection. All tables has a column called city_id.

When a user signs in to my website, I ask the database what city_id is set, and then create a $_SESSION['city_id']

Then I am able to write my MySQL-querys with a WHERE-clause to the $_SESSION['city_id'].

For example: SELECT firstname, lastname, city_name FROM students JOIN city_selection ON city_selection.city_id = students.city_id WHERE city_selection.city_id = '{$_SESSION['city_id']}'

This works but now I need some users to display one or more regions of cities. My first thought was to create a new table called region_selection and add a Foreign Key from the table city_selection table to this. But how would I handle the scenario where a signed in user should be presented with data output from one or more regions? Should I create some kind of cross-reference table?

This is my first ever PHP - MySQL website so bear with me!

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If each city belongs to only one region, you could create your region_selection table with columns region_id | region_name. You then add a region_id column to your city_selection table, which defines the region to which a city belongs.

You could then execute a query like this to fetch students belonging to a certain region:

SELECT firstname, lastname, city_name FROM students 
JOIN city_selection ON city_selection.city_id = students.city_id
JOIN region_selection ON region_selection.region_id = city_selection.region_id
WHERE region_selection.region_name = YOUR_REGION_NAME

If a user belongs to multiple regions, you could do the following: create table region_selection as shown above. Then create a table student_regions with columns student_id | region_id to make a link between a student and region.

The query then looks as follows:

SELECT firstname, lastname, city_name FROM students 
JOIN student_regions ON student_regions.student_id = students.student_id
JOIN region_selection ON region_selection.region_id = student_regions.region_id
WHERE region_selection.region_name = YOUR_REGION_NAME
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Yes that works. But how should I handle the scenario where a user "belongs" to multiple regions? – David May 23 '12 at 17:40
I've edited my answer to include your suggestion. Hope this is what you mean. – Stardev May 23 '12 at 17:45
Thank you. I wonder however if there is possible using a cross reference table to link first a login_user to one or more regions, then the region will be linked to cities. Otherwise I need to create a student_region, customer_region, course_region etc etc wich isn't really a pretty structure. – David May 23 '12 at 17:57

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