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My returned array is coming back in this strange format that is not valid. At least not in my AJAX experience.

function get_within($latitude, $longitude) { 
global $pdo;

  // $lat = $latitude;
  // $long = $longitude;
  // $long = '-70.98245279999999';
  // $lat = '41.98156549999999';

    $stmt = $pdo->prepare("SELECT menu_id, latitude, longitude ( acos(
          cos( radians(".$latitude."   ) ) *
            cos( radians( latitude) ) * 
            cos( radians(".$longitude.") - radians(longitude)) +
            sin( radians(".$latitude.") ) * sin( radians(latitude) ) ))*.621371192
as dis from pages where 1 ORDER BY `dis` ASC LIMIT 10");

$stmt->execute( array() );

return $stmt->fetchAll( PDO::FETCH_OBJ );

I made an AJAX request using the above function. I need it to return an object but it is only returning an array like this:

[{"id":"26","subject_id":"5","menu_name":"Bobby Byrne's Food & Pub\u200e","position":"1","visible":"1","content":"Bobby Byrne's Restaurant & Pub\u200e\r\n65 Massachusetts 6A, Sandwich, MA\r\n(508) 888-6088","longitude":"-70.508598","latitude":" 41.765754","dis":"0.00245126419033985"}]

What is wrong and how can I get back my query in objects correctly for use?

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I guess you echo json_encode(get_within(x, y));? – Bergi May 23 '12 at 17:41
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Your response is a JSON encoded object. You need to decode the JSON to an object.

Please see: http://php.net/manual/en/ref.json.php

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As @DanArmstrong points out there's nothing strange or invalid about the JSON array being returned. Per the documentation PDOStatement::fetchAll is supposed to return an array—which it is—and when you encode an array as JSON it uses array notation, which is valid JSON and what you're seeing here.

If you want a JSON object instead of the array you need to either:

  1. On the server side get an item out of the array returned by fetchAll and encode that value (e.g. json_encode( $results[0] )) instead of encoding the entire returned array, or
  2. On the client side get an item out of the decoded array e.g. JSON.parse( data )[0].
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Ah! That's it! The only thing now is I can't figure out how to get all 10 results from the object. $locations = json_encode($results[0]); gives me the first object. How can I get them all? Some type of loop through? – BenRacicot May 23 '12 at 22:38

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