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So I need to add a cname record to a domain at the company I just started working for but they have their domain registered at GoDaddy and their hosting provider through network solutions. They also have another domain that they don't use registered through networksolutions. I can access the DNS settings for the unused domain on network solution but not the one I need. I tried logging into the godaddy account but under DNS it says "not hosted here."

I'm by no means an expert at this stuff and it's getting frustrating. First off, which company do I need to use to change the DNS, secondly if it's network solution how do I access that DNS for the domain pointed to their nameservers?

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If your nameservers are pointed to Network Solutions the DNS is then managed with them and no longer managed with Go Daddy. This guide looks like the steps to edit DNS with Network Solutions. If you wish to manage your DNS with Go Daddy you can point to our parked nameservers and edit the DNS using our Zone File Editor. You can then point your A primary A record back to the IP of your hosting account with Network Solutions. This would allow you to host your site with them and manage your DNS with Go Daddy.

Set Nameservers for a Domain Name Registered with Us

Log in to your Account Manager.
Next to Domains, click Launch.
Select the domain name(s) you want to modify.
From (Nameservers), select Set Nameservers.
Select one of the following:
    I want to park my domains — This option parks your domain name on our parked servers. When someone opens your domain name from a Web browser, our default parking page displays.
(Optional) If DNSSEC is available for the domain name's extension and the domain name is hosted with another provider, you can click Manage DS Records to set up self-managed DNSSEC. See About Self-Managed DNSSEC for information.
Click OK.

To Access the Zone File Editor

Log in to your Account Manager.
Next to Domains, click Launch.
Click the domain name you want to update, and, in the DNS Manager section, click Launch.
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