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I got a problem with the widths of the advanceddatagrid-columns. First of all, my layout is a HDividedBox, on the left there is the navigation, on the right there is a module, containing the advanceddatagrid.

left Side: navigation

right side: module (e.g. advanceddatagrid)

Most of the columns got a fixed width, some a minWidth. Now, initially the widths of the columns are correct.

So the problem is, whenever I load a new module and later reload the advanceddatagrid, the initial width of the columns is way different, although I change nothing in the process of loading the module. Neither the fixed widths nor the minWidths are initially correct. I recently saw there is a solution for wrong widths of colums, it looks like that:

var oldPolicy:String = advanceddatagrid.myScrollPolicy;
advanceddatagrid.myScrollPolicy = ScrollPolicy.ON;

for(var i:int = 0; i < advanceddatagrid.columns.length; i++) {
    var column:AdvancedDataGridColumn = advanceddatagrid.columns[i] as AdvancedDataGridColumn;
    advanceddatagrid.column.width = column.width;
advanceddatagrid.myScrollPolicy = oldPolicy;                

On the whole this is just a temporary change of the ScrollPolicy, re-setting the column-widths and then changing back. But still, it doenst work.

Does anyone have a clue?

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inside your for loop, this line looks suspicious: advanceddatagrid.column.width = advanceddatagrid.column.width;. Shouldn't it be using the column variable from the line above? – Sunil D. May 23 '12 at 19:27
oh you're right. i just misspelled it here. in my original script it is correct. – misantronic May 24 '12 at 9:09

Some relevant references that might help (the first one worked for me):

To summarize the first post (credit goes to Nick Schneble):

public function resizeColumns () : void
    grid.validateNow ();
    // forces the columns to size themselves properly
    for each (var column : AdvancedDataGridColumn in grid.columns)
        column.width = column.width;

It may seem a bit ridiculous, but if you execute this method whenever the underlying data in your data grid changes, you’ll have beautifully laid out columns.

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