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Looking for an API which provide results based on registered users on my website I need results like - Registration statistics - Average daily visit per registered user - Average time registered users spends on the website The problem with Google analytic and others is they are not sensitive on loged in users

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I wouldn't give up on Google yet. I don't know of any free service that can track the level of detail you want. However Google Anayltics provides a premium service which allows you to gain access to more features as well as additional custom variables. My suggestion would be to look into the custom variable world as it is designed to allow you to track additional information. We used it to track which web server in the farm was returning the request, instance load balancing stats. You get 5 custom variables for free.


Hope it helps

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Thanks, I did check now. But it does not provide registered user based statistics. I've found reinvigorate.net which says "NameTags let you identify your registered users and have visibility into their habits and site usage." STILL looking forward. –  Reza May 23 '12 at 19:45
Really??? This seems to do just what you want: conversion-rate-services.com/blog/2011/november-2011/… –  Brent Pabst May 24 '12 at 12:56

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