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I'm trying to 301 the following url




By using

RewriteRule ^reviews/([a-fA-f0-9]+)?$ http://www.site.com/reviews [L,R=301]

But that redirects me to


How can I remove all query strings after what was the review id? Basically the question mark and everything after it needs to go. Any ideas?


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You have to use this RewriteRule: RewriteRule ^reviews/([a-fA-F0-9]+)?$ http://www.site.com/reviews/$1? [L,R=301] The $1 puts the id at the end of the url, the "?" deletes the query.

I have also changed "A-f" to "A-F", but I do not think this is neccessary.

Edit There is already a similar question in SO: mod_rewrite: remove query string from URL?

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