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So I am using Mongoose ODM. I have a collection and the document essentially has one field in it. I will add more later perhaps. So when I insert, it inserts fine and the data is there however so is a lot of other fields, like: isNew, error, activePaths, states, etc...looks like Mongoose object data, not sure why its going in though. Any ideas?

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please provide a little bit of code, otherwise the question is to generic and it is hard give you good answers.. – TheHippo May 23 '12 at 22:21

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That data is indeed data that Mongoose inserts for its correct operation. This data is used for instance to: do validation, only do saves when necessary (simply stated: when 1 or more 'paths' are dirty), registration of 'pre-save' hooks, etc.

No fear though, since the fields mongoose keeps aren't persisted to mongoDB. (use mongo CLI or other tools to inspect what's actually in the DB)

At all times you could check yourdocument._doc which holds that actual fields that are scheduled to be saved to mongo.

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