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I'm making an ExtendScript script which goes through all the fonts used in an InDesign document and alerts their name. Here is the code

var usedFonts = app.activeDocument.fonts;
var nbUsedFonts = usedFonts.length;
var i;
for (i = 0; i < nbUsedFonts; ++i) {

For certain fonts however, the script crashes (Object is invalid) when I access their name property. The only attribute I can access for all fonts without crashing is the isValid attribute, which allowed me to determine that those fonts for which I couldn't access the name property all had isValid === false, whereas all fonts for which accesing name didn't cause a problem had isValid === true.

What surprises me is that if I manually place my cursor in the text where one of the problematic fonts is used, its name appears the the normal font chooser or whatever it's called.

Why can't I access the name property for some fonts returned to me by app.activeDocument.fonts?


Here are some of the problematic fonts:

  • Electra LH, Italic
  • Electra LH, Bold Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures
  • Electra LH, Oldstyle Figures
  • Ocean Sans MT, Light OsF

These fonts work without problem:

  • Ocean Sans MT, Light Italic OsF
  • Ocean Sans MT, Semibold SC
  • Ocean Sans MT, Light SC
  • Ocean Sans MT, Light
  • Electra LH, Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures
  • Electra LH, Cursive
  • Electra LH, Bold Oldstyle Figures
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The problem may come from fonts missing, you may try to check for these first, and see if it solves your problem:

var usedFonts = document.fonts;
for(var i = 0; i < usedFonts.length; i++){

    if(usedFonts[i].status != FontStatus.INSTALLED){
        //You can't rely on font.name if the font is missing
        var fontName = usedFonts[i].fontFamily+" "+usedFonts[i].fontStyleName;
        var fontName = usedFonts[i].name;
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Thanks, I ended up just using fontFamily and fontStyleName for every font. –  Shawn May 24 '12 at 15:18

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