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So I'm making a report that needs to be able to be faxed and have a cover sheet if needed. I've added a cover as the report header with a total page count. There's a page header that generates the [page n of m] but is prevented from showing on the report header using a "if (pageNumber=1) then true". Being that I don't want the [page n of m] to include the count for the cover sheet, decided to manually make a page n of m. When it prints on the page, the numbers are in a float format instead of int, how can I fix this. Here's the Crystal Syntax I'm using and output.

numbervar n := PageNumber - 1;
numbervar m := TotalPageCount -1;
stringvar page := "Page " + toText(int(n)) + " of " + toText(int(m));

output: "Page 1.00 of 3.00"

I initially tried doing a reset page count after the report header, but that made the [totalPageCount] on the cover sheet 1 instead of 4.

thanks for the help, David K.

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Instead of ToText(int(n), just use ToText(n, 0).

You can find information on the different syntax for ToText here

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like magic! it worked, thanks! SO won't let me mark it as answer for another 5 minutes... :/ –  dave k May 23 '12 at 19:46

Any reason why you're not using the built in "reset page number after" feature- from the section expert?

Or just doing:

"Page " + toText(PageNumber - 1,0) + " of " + toText(TotalPageCount -1,0);
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couldn't use the 'reset page number after' beacuse that made the total page count on the cover sheet 1 instead of what it really was. –  dave k May 25 '12 at 19:10

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