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i want to use two table on my rdlc report .....one table contain just group another one contain header,detail and footer fields like:

Table 1

DivisionName  DistrictName  ThanaName

    Table 2  
    Name ID Address 

    Output look like

    **D    D    T**-----------Table 1 Output on basis of table 1 group basis
    A   001   ade-------------Table 2
    B   002   ade

    **D   M    T**
    C   003   ade
    D   004   aew
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Best approach for this is to combine the tables into one datatable joining on key. Here is an example of a Dataset Helper from Microsoft to combine DataSets. Take note of the related content for other Dataset Helper examples.

You can then nests lists in RDLC designer grouping as necessary on division, etc.

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