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I need an example for command below in Symfony2 :

php app/console doctrine:mongodb:fixtures:load --fixtures=/path/to/fixture 

I don't know how to set the --fixtures=/path/to/fixture. I can load all together but I cannot do it for only one new fixture !

What format should /path/to/fixture be ?

Also I tried this --fixtures=src/PMI/UserBundle/DataFixtures/ORM/FeatureFixtures but I get this every time :

  Could not find any fixtures to load in:                               
  - src/PMI/UserBundle/DataFixtures/ORM/FeatureFixtures
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I know this is old but other people have asked and these answers may not cover some of the other questions.

You only need to specify the folder, not the file. In the above question, its not clear if FeatureFixtures is the php file or actually a folder. It may be failing if that is only a php file and not a folder. This is the correct way to load the fixtures assuming that FeatureFixtures is a php file with the fixtures:

doctrine:fixtures:load --fixtures=src/PMI/UserBundle/DataFixtures/ORM --append
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If I understand well, the only way to load one fixture class is to put it in a dedicated directory – Pierre de LESPINAY Apr 10 at 14:46

It's not require but if you want to manually specify the directory where the fixtures classes should be loaded you can use this :

for example if I execute a command in directory symfony

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Should the path be absolute ? – PMoubed May 23 '12 at 21:21
you must choose a valid directory ,You can use an absolute or relative path – a.aitboudad May 23 '12 at 22:03
This command loads all the fixture files in the given absolute path. Is there any way to load only specific fixture file? – PMoubed Mar 21 '13 at 18:18

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