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I am trying to execute some JavaScript using C# eval call.

browser.Frames[1].Eval("myFunctionCall(" + Id + ", 1, " + RowNumber + ");");

It cannot seem to find the function as it throws a 'JavaScriptException' "The value of the property 'myFunctionCall' is null or undefined, not a Function object"

Here is the back story.
I figured out by tracing the JavaScript that this is the function called when element of interest is clicked on. So I bring up the page in the browser and execute this JavaScript. On loading, I get above error.
I am beginner and I am not sure how to call the JavaScript that is referenced remotely.

In summary, I would like to call javascript method. Any ideas?


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Ever get a solution to this? –  baileyswalk May 8 at 16:26
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