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I just want to ask if any developer knows how to save a record in the field; and then retrieve it through visual force.

Scenario: I have some fields in a custom object that have been updated in the apex class i.e. if I System.Debug those fields it shows me some values. To be specific, these values are different for each account.

Problem: The problem is that I can access the values of the fields in that class; but when I write a SOQL in workbench or force.com explorer to view the values of fields in the custom object through particular account id, it does not show me the results. So I want to be able to save the results in the fields and then access them using SOQL. The whole point of saving them is so that I can query using visual force and display them.

What I have tried: I have tried creating a new instance of the custom object and then using the put method to save the values but that did not work.

Abc__c abc = new Abc__c();
abc.account_id__c = Account.id;

abc.Number = 20; 

This prints out 20. But when I go to the workbench, it does not! Any kinds of help is really appreciated.

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You need to call update so that the row is sent back to the database, e.g.

Abc__c abc = new Abc__c(Id='someExistingRecordId');
abc.account_id__c = Account.id;
abc.Number = 20; 
update abc;
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Thanks @Superfell I got it working yesterday just forgot to post here! Btw I saw you on Twitter; look forward to meeting you in person someday –  subodhbahl May 25 '12 at 15:21
life saver !! thanks –  Rodrigo Zurek Jan 27 at 20:53

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