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I have one class with some constant value like below :

class MyClass
    const ACCESS_NONE = 0;

    const ACCESS_SUBMIT = 1;

    const ACCESS_VIEW = 2;

    const ACCESS_APPROVE = 3;

How can I create something like below in my twig file with Symfony2 :

        <select name="someName">
            <option value="ACCESS_NONE">None</option>
            <option value="ACCESS_VIEW">View</option>
            <option value="ACCESS_SUBMIT">Submit</option>
            <option value="ACCESS_APPROVE">Approve</option>
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As drupality said you can write a method like that:

public static function getConstantsChoices()
    return array(
        self::ACCESS_NONE => 'None', //or 'ACCESS_NONE' => 'None' if you want the string
        self::ACCESS_VIEW => 'View',
        self::ACCESS_SUBMIT => 'Submit',
        self::ACCESS_APPROVE => 'Approve',

and if you use a form, you can use a choice:

->add('name', 'choice', array(
      'choices' => MyClass::getConstantsChoices()
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You need to create class with proper interface:

Interface API

You can always create array by hand, but if you want to get constant names in PHP, the only way is reflection:

How to get name of the constant?

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