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If I am reading this correctly, I should be able to use VS2010 solutions/projects in VS11 without any ill affects on my co-workers who are still using VS2010.

My projects are mostly c# Winforms and ASP.NET web services apps. Has anyone tried this setup? Has it really worked?

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Yes it works fine, I use VS11 Beta every day, where as the rest of the company uses VS2010.

Note, you need to make sure that the VS2010 users have applied Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1. If not, then they cannot open a solution file saved by VS11.

Here's the Official MS Answer.

Few caveats I have found:

  • Using just VS11 without 2010 installed required me to update a number of project files, and some references to the VS2010 tools (i.e. sgen). If you are planning on using VS11, just install it along side VS2010.
  • We have custom FXCop rule in an assembly. We needed to re-compile this using VS11 to get it to work with VS11. But we cannot check it in, because it breaks 2010. I asked a question on MSDN forums a few months ago for a workaround, but got no reply.
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