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I have plotted a graph in matlab with:


and my graph has different slopes, how do i draw tangents on each slope and calculate the coefficient for the slope?

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If you don't have an explicit function for the plotted points, you can use finite differences for estimating the derivative. The following is appropriate for points not on the border of the data span:

hold all;

% first sort the points, so x is monotonically rising
[x, sortidx] = sort(x);
y = y(sortidx);

% this is the x point for which you want to compute the slope
xslope = (x(1)+x(end))/2;

idx_a = find(x<xslope,1,'last');
idx_b = find(x>xslope,1,'first');
% or even simpler:
idx_b = idx_a+1;
% this assumes min(x)<xslope<max(x)

xa = x(idx_a);
xb = x(idx_b);
slope = (y(idx_b) - y(idx_a))/(xb - xa);

Now drawing that slope, it depends on what you want: just a short line:

yslope = interp1(x,y,xslope);
ya_sloped = yslope + (xa-xslope)*slope;
yb_sloped = yslope + (xb-xslope)*slope;

or a longer line

yslope = interp1(x,y,xslope);
xa = xa + 4*(xa-xslope);
xb = xb + 4*(xb-xslope);
ya_sloped = yslope + (xa-xslope)*slope;
yb_sloped = yslope + (xb-xslope)*slope;

I'm pretty sure there're no bugs in this code, but I'll test it out when I have matlab around ;)

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You'll have to figure out the slope at whatever points you're interested in using (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) and then use plot() to draw a straight line that has that slope. To draw the line, you need the y intercept, and since you know the coordinates of at least one point on that line (which is the point you want to draw the tangent to), you can solve for b in the equation y=mx+b.

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I counter repped this answer back up to 0. It's not the best answer and it gives no insight into matlab code, but it's conceptually sound so I don't think it deserves a -1 – Keegan Keplinger May 24 '12 at 6:03
I agree with this approach but I would add that depending on the horizontal resolution of your graph (how many points you have to plot), you might want to consider interpolating first to get a more accurate result. See interp() in matlab, it's quite simple. – Dan May 24 '12 at 6:10
I'm with Xurtio ^^ – Gunther Struyf May 24 '12 at 7:19

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