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I have a list of thousands of synonyms. I also have tens of thousands of documents that I want to search for these terms. Using python (or pseudocode) what is an efficient way of doing this?

# this would work for single word synonyms, but there are multiple word synonyms too
synonymSet = set([...])
wordsInDocument = set([...])
synonymsInDocument = synonymSet.intersection(wordsInDocument)

# this would work, but sounds slow
matches = []
for document in documents:
    for synonym in synonymSet:
        if synonym in document:

Is there a good solution to this problem, or will it just take a while? Thank you in advance

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Are the multi-word synonyms all two words? What is the upper limit of the number of words in a synonym? – robert May 23 '12 at 21:42
there is no upper limit on the number of words. they are unlikely larger than 10 words. – Jmjmh May 24 '12 at 0:19

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How about building a regular expression from your list of synonyms:

import re

pattern = "|".join(synonymList)
regex = re.compile(pattern)

matches = regex.findall(document) # get a list of the matched synonyms
matchedSynonyms = set(matches)    # eliminate duplicates using a set
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