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Is there any way of shortening line #2 of the code below?

for i = 1:length(dataStructure)
    if dataStructure(1,i) == 100000000 || dataStructure(2,i) == 100000000 % this line
        dataStructure(:,i) = NaN;

I would have thought the following would suffice (but this doesn't work):

if dataStructure(:,i) == 100000000

In other words, how do I check whether a number exists in a given column of an array? The issue here is that I cannot predict whether dataStructure will have one or two rows, and so can't use a nested for loop, since it would cause an error every time dataStructure only had one row.

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You don't need the loop:

dataStructure(:,any(dataStructure==1e8,1) = NaN;

this is called logical indexing, more info: here and here

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if any(dataStructure(:,i) == 100000000)
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