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I have a problem when I read "/feed" information via Graph Api of one of my friend profile, as example. I can get some posts, but especially share links and aplications post pictures, like Instagram , aren't returned by graph api.

In opposite, I can see all them in Timeline of this friend that I testing. Is not a public permission, because is showing in timeline (inside facebook page) for me.

I also tried "/post" and "/home" and the same.

I know facebook blocks public content, but in this case, is my friend profile and I can see everything in Timeline, how I couldn't see in Facebook Graph Api "/feed" return?

PS: All permissions, linke read_stream is was gave by application

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It could be your friend's privacy settings that is preventing you from seeing such activity. You can see what information you share via the Graph API youself by going to Privacy Settings > Apps, games and websites and editing the How people bring your info to apps they use section.

The My app activity option could be unchecked by your friends, which is why you cannot see activity from other apps in the API.

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