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If I do C-u M-: (to insert the result of a lisp statement into the buffer) and I then do something like:

(progn (setq x 0 l '()) (while(< x 30) (push (random 99) l) (incf x 1)) (nreverse l))

I get:

(89 29 27 23 56 88 37 11 33 20 98 95 ...)

With trailing ellipsis. What's a way around this? Something like buffer-insert across the resulting list.

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(setq eval-expression-print-length nil)

in .emacs

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M-:(insert (pp (loop repeat 30 collect (random 99))))

May need (require 'cl) first.

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+1 for pp which I'd never noticed. I gather it's a safe replacement for prin1 (or pp-to-string for prin1-to-string), but with nicer formatting for human readability (based on C-h i g (elisp) Output Functions.) –  phils May 24 '12 at 22:33
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