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Using XCode 4 and Storyboards, I want to have a UIView (with labels and textfields) on the top half of a UITableViewController, and a custom cell in the UITableView on the bottom half of the UITableViewController.

When I place a UIView on the UITableViewController, it goes to the top of the scene as expected; when I add the UITableViewCell, it also goes to the top of the scene, covering the UIView. There appears to be no way to resize either view.

I have looked at the "tableHeaderView", but can't find any example of how to implement it, assuming it will do what I want.

How do I accomplish having a UIView on top and custom UITableViewCells below on the lower half of a UITableViewController?

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The answer was found on this SO question: Table Header Views in StoryBoards

I tried it and it indeed did what I wanted it to do. Thank you Mr. Rogers!

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